To create a community inspired by goats.


Sustainable land management and fire risk reduction through outreach, education, and implementation of goat grazing.

What are the issues we are trying to help alleviate?

    • Climate change
    • Disconnection from nature
    • Growing ignorance of our place in the greater ecosystem

What are City Grazing’s larger goals?

    • Sustainable land management: Creating safe enclosures to focus goats on grazing areas to remove fire hazards and invasive weeds and brush.
    • Enhancement of habitat
    • Building healthy soil
    • Bringing joy to people
    • Giving back to our often-ignored communities
    • Stimulating awareness of humanity’s connection to nature
    • Helping people recognize animals’ needs and intelligence, and their similarity to us

What are our strategies?

    • Bringing goats to grazing sites, large and small, public and private
    • Educating through demonstration
    • Hiring from our least-resourced communities, finding those with natural talent and helping  them develop needed skills
    • Continuing to grow our volunteer program
    • Social media saturation
    • Adopting goats and telling their stories
    • Developing a long term vision plan

What are our current capabilities?

    • 92 goats!
    • Incredible individuals creating an amazing team
    • Networking with workforce training programs to to source local talent
    • Vital social media presence
    • Strong volunteer program
    • 10 years of sustainable land management experience

What are our progress Indicators?

    • Continued growth of operations, donors, subscribers, volunteers
    • Healthy goats
    • Job satisfaction of employees
    • Vegetation shift from invasives to natives at annually recurring sites
    • Soil development at recurring sites
    • Increased organizational efficiency

What have we accomplished so far?

    • Apparent vegetation shift from invasives to natives at annually recurring sites
    • Observation of soil development at recurring sites
    • Healthier trees, healthier goats
    • Sustained growth of operations, donors, subscribers, volunteers
    • Initial development and hiring for new workforce model
    • Goats! Rescues, adoptees, and old friends

What’s next:

    • Mobilization of new workforce model
    • More goats!!
    • Better conditions for our goats and our staff
    • Efficiency metrics derived from project and event cost benefit analysis
    • Benefits for employees
    • Scientific measurement of vegetation shift
    • Soil studies measuring fertility, life forms, and carbon sequestration