City Grazing offers outstanding opportunities to help out.

• Get up close and personal with our herd: Do you love being active, communing with nature, and time alone? Are you self-motivated, quick-thinking, fit, fearless and agile? Do you have a flexible schedule? Come get a great workout and help with care, feeding, and maintenance at our home base in San Francisco. Or, come hang out with our goats as they clear overgrowth in some of San Francisco’s most unusual areas. Help set up and maintain temporary fences, make sure the goats stay where they should, and answer questions from curious neighbors. These are also great opportunities for photographers, artists, and goat-lovers to spend time studying these fascinating beasts!

• Help us develop and facilitate innovative educational and community programs. If you’re less interested in getting dirty and have a background in education, technology, or community outreach, we need you!

• Please reach out via email at volunteer@citygrazing.org and let us know about yourself or your organization.

If you feel a little exhausted by the thought of all the poop-scooping or you’d like to help from outside SF, we need other help, too.

  • Assist with creating and implementing a marketing plan; Program marketing and community outreach to tell the story of our mission of sustainable land management via goat grazing.
  • Help with suggesting social media ideas or submitting pictures/videos/content for any of our outlets (FB, IG, Tiktok, Twitter, LinkedIn, YT)
  • Help with Fundraising: peer to peer, strategy, grant research and grant writing
  • Volunteer coordinator:  this role needs to be local, and would have in-person needs at our home base. Looking for someone with great people skills and a talent for organization.  

Interested in corporate team building and work-related volunteer events built around clean up, feeding, socializing, and training with a twist? Send us an email with your group size and specifications! goats@citygrazing.com.