City Grazing is San Francisco’s goat-powered nonprofit organization dedicated to sustainable land management and fire risk reduction through outreach, education, and implementation of goat grazing. Our adopted goats are available to rent for overgrown backyards and larger properties. City Grazing’s herd is eager to eat your weeds and aid in fire prevention naturally. We are happy to answer any questions and love finding creative opportunities to connect goats with the greater world.

When you help us, you’re supporting our mission and vision. Give a gift of City Grazing calendars, T-shirts, & sweatshirts. Help with our peer-to-peer fundraising platform. Support City Grazing with Amazon Smile or donate directly via PayPal or Venmo. Share your love for City Grazing with your friends and family and give them the option to help out too. All proceeds go to goats’ needs: rubber floor-mats, improved rain-shelters, a nursery, and our ever-present need for alfalfa.


Managed annual grazing is an effective, ecologically sound way to minimize fire hazard and invasive vegetation while promoting the health of the soil and native perennial species. Many noxious and undesirable plants are happily eaten by goats, such as English Ivy, Cape Ivy, Himalayan blackberry, poison oak, fennel, Scotch Broom, and French Broom, just to name a few.

Benefits of Grazing:

  • Immediately removes potential fire fuel in the form of weeds and brush
  • Converts that fire fuel into little pellets of immediately bioavailable soil nutrients. No composting is required and the nutrients return directly to the topsoil. 
  • Discourages invasive weeds by sterilizing seeds passing through goat digestion
  • Encourages regrowth of perennial native plants by promoting healthy, deep root development 
    • Root development leads to more water stored in the earth, which leads to better drought resistance again aiding in reducing fire hazard. 
    • Deeper, healthier roots pull more carbon from the air and store it in the soil

City Grazing is working to keep SF safe from fires!