City Grazing is a San Francisco-based goat landscaping non-profit organization dedicated to sustainable land management and fire risk reduction through outreach, education, and implementation of goat grazing. An environmentally beneficial solution to weed control, we rent out goats to clear public and private land. Whether you have an acre or an overgrown backyard, our goats would be eager to eat your weeds and aid in fire prevention naturally. When they are not out on the job our herd lives on pasture in San Francisco’s Bayview district between the SF Bay Railroad and Bay Natives Nursery.

Why goat grazing? Check out City Grazing’s explanation on Bay Area Bountiful’s Sustainable Landscapes episode and a full interview with City Grazing Executive Director Genevieve Church on Eyes on Conservation Podcast!


City Grazing is a San Francisco-based non-profit organization dedicated to goats! We offer sustainable land management services via goat grazing, special events with our baby goats, and goat rental for special events.

Managed annual grazing is an effective, ecologically sound way to minimize fire hazard and invasive vegetation while promoting the health of the soil and native perennial species.
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Goat Events!

FACT: It takes at least two hours and half a bale of hay every day for TWO YEARS to get young goats ready to go into the field as grazers. that’s more than $3,000 per goat before they can join the herd! Help us keep them out of the meat industry and get them on the ground as mobile fire fighters and native plant restoration specialists!

We’d like to adopt 12 more baby goats in 2020 – coming to a City Grazing goat event will not only be fun for you, it will help us with baby care costs!

New year, new kids, new FUN ways to help!

City Grazing invites you to a join us for events you won’t find anywhere else in San Francisco! This Spring, come play Goat Twister and Goat Capture the Flag!

Have fun while you help us help goats help everyone!

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