Goat Events will resume after COVID, but currently you can still Sponsor-A-Kid! When you or your team sponsors one of our baby goats we’ll send you a video update every month for a year. After COVID you can come meet your kid in person. Contact us by email or phone for more details.

It takes at least two hours and half a bale of hay every day for TWO YEARS to get young goats ready to go into the field as grazers. That’s more than $3,000 per goat before they can join the herd! Help us keep them out of the meat industry and get them on the ground as mobile fire fighters and native plant restoration specialists.

Read on for our fun ideas for the future.

After COVID we will again offer happenings with our baby goats and goat rental for parties, surprises, engagements, weddings, acting roles, school visits, and private events. We are happy to answer any inquiries and love finding creative opportunities to connect goats with the greater world. Contact us by email or phone for more details.

City Grazing invites you to a join us for events you won’t find anywhere else in San Francisco. Come play Goat Twister and Goat Capture the Flag!

Have fun while you help us help goats help everyone!

We’re all facing the effects of climate change everywhere. Our sweet adopted goats can help, as both on-the-ground fire fuel removers for our local communities and as educational ambassadors of changing methods of fire hazard prevention that, amazingly, store carbon in our soil and support native plant restoration, further mitigating climate change. But our goats need us to help them be ready for grazing, and we need your help to make our efforts go even further!

City Grazing goat events will give you the chance to:

  • Meet the little guys
  • Muck out sleeping areas
  • Hang up recycled yoga mat weather proofing
  • Measure milk powder into bags
  • Fold goat laundry
  • Bleach out the udder bucket
  • Leash “training” with cuddles and selfie time
  • Feed big goats
  • Elder goat care
  • Goat first aid
  • Kid Hoof “massage” and pedicures
  • Read a goat a story
  • Put a sweater on a goat
  • Goat twister 
  • Goat Capture the Flag

Interested in tickets for an upcoming public event? Sign up below to add your name to our email list and we’ll notify you when they are available.

Interested in corporate team building and work-related volunteer events built around clean up, feeding, socializing, and training with a twist? Send us an email with your group size and specifications! goats@citygrazing.com.