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City Grazing’s herd is available year round for Bay Area weed and brush control, special events, educational opportunities, corporate team building and even the occasional acting job.

Please send an email with images attached to, and include:

  • Full address of property to be grazed.
  • Approximate size of property in acres or linear feet.
  • Details about the job to be done including types of vegetation. Be as detailed as you can.
  • Fencing details: is the property currently fenced? Partially fenced? Please describe in as much detail as possible.
  • Landscaping details: is there any existing landscaping that needs to be protected? Please describe and provide measurements where possible.
  • Attach photos showing the grazing area, and include fencing, landscaping, etc.

How it Works:

City Grazing specializes in brush and weed removal in backyards and small properties under two acres, including Himalayan blackberry, Scotch and French broom, Cape and English Ivy, pampas grass, and poison oak.

  • Price depends on property size, location, fencing needs and existing vegetation.
  • We bring you enough goats to eat the vegetation within 5-14 days.
  • The goats stay overnight and require very little maintenance – we’ll just need you to provide water and a daily check-in.
  • We are always on call 24/7 for any questions, concerns or emergencies.
  • We provide insurance, expertise, and are happy to meet your vendor requirements.
  • We treat every location as a custom project and work with our clients to meet specific needs:
    • No fences? We can install temporary fencing to contain the goats.
    • Public location? We can provide 24/7 on-site staffing to guarantee safety and success.
    • Existing landscaping? We can provide additional fencing to prevent unwanted grazing.

Cost concerns?  If you can provide fencing and/or staff to check on the herd on a daily basis, we can offer discounts.