As we approach the end of the year we’d love your help with our new peer to peer fundraising platform! We hope you’ll be willing to share your love for City Grazing with your friends and family and give them the option to help out, too! This can be a great way to channel their gift-giving impulses, or to engage in some friendly competition to see if your team can raise the most $$ for goat needs, like more rubber mats, better rain shelters, a nursery, and our ever-present need for alfalfa.

City Grazing welcomes your contributions towards veterinary care, basic needs, facilities upkeep, community and educational programs. We can’t do it without you!

Donations are tax deductible; City Grazing is a 501(c)(3) organization.

Giving Assets

Interested in donating stock, securities, or mutual fund shares? The value of the stock at the time of transfer will be tax-deductible and you’re not obligated to pay capital gains taxes on associated appreciation.

Just have your broker reach out to us at, and we’ll handle things from there.